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    Default Cocker Spaniel

    We live in the country (NSW).
    A friend of mine wants to buy an English Cocker Spaniel, BLUE ROAN
    Would anybody be able to supply me with details of breeders?
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    dan4nas probably has some connections. Maybe send her a pm aka private message.

    Not sure why they care about the colour, a dog is not like a decorating accessory. In fact puppies can be un-decorating accessories.

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    Hi, yes I would have some contacts for you.

    I understand the colour preference... I have two blue roans. I love the roan over the solid but that is just personal preference for me. But thats also not to say I dont like the solid, they are still just bloody adorable. lol.

    Would like to know if this person has done their research etc on the breed? just curious. And are they looking into showing or not? I only ask this so I know which contacts to give to you...

    GREAT choice on the breed by the way!

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