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Thread: Dogs on Islands (National Park)

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    Hi not sure which islands you are referring too?, in the states waters you are boating in you should check with the parks sites to confirm where dogs are allowed, qld is a funny kettle of fish, some national parks do allow dogs on leash in specific areas and other areas they are prohibited, generally though all dogs apart from seeing eye dogs and assistance dogs are prohibited in national parks and ajacent marine parks inc beaches and intertidal flats.

    Byfield nat park come to mind as dogs allowed in one particular spot on leash of course, and other places in nat parks are as you say not allowed above high tide mark on the beach Teewah beach on the great sandy nat park etc. This is because the beach is actually a highway of sorts.
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    WA is kinda different as in the John Forest National Park you are allowed dogs off lead.. I think maybe as we dont have as many endemic/endangered species? Not sure but we always take our dogs there!
    Also up north in Kalbarri (WA) there are islands within a national park where you are allowed dogs off leash. I think this is because the only inhabitants are mainly ferals or kangaroos so the council doesnt care as much.
    I agree with the others in that most parks/states are different and so you would need to check.. as generally if dogs arent allowed its for a reason not just the council wanting to be a pain!

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    thanks everyone so far.

    Well, I can understand why national park is national park and if there are no pets allowed thats how it is.
    I was just wondering.....
    We are not intending to do a lot of cruising for now anyway, and the dog can do her "things" on board, no problem. We are in Yeppoon anyway and on Great Keppel Island dogs are allowed. :-)

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    Since you are in Yeppoon you should shoot up tho Byfield and check it out, its just up the road north, Stoney creek allows dogs, be careful swimming at stoney creek, wear shoes theres fresh water spine fish and they hurt like heck if you step on one. If you do decide to take a look.

    I spent a lot of child hood in Yeppoon, the place would have changed so much over the years, houses were like 10k on acarage at the time for a fixer upperer beach shack as well as emu park shacks. that was only 25 years ago not now lol, couldnt get one less than 400k if that!
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