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Thread: Just in Case No One Has Seen This!

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    Not against cross breeds - I have one myself.

    I am against the breeding of dogs for profit though.

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    I have a cross breed (rescue) and a pure breed both of whom I adore, the best suggestion I can give you is seeing as your heart it set on a a particular cross is to hunt around and try and find a local pup that you can go and see and also see the parents the same as you would with any breed ask a lot of questions like what health checks they have and the parents have had also how many litters they breed a year etc, there are a lot of people around breeding that particular cross so while there are a lot that are irresponsible, you also shouldn't have many problems finding someone that is responsible and who really cares for the health and temperament of the the dogs they breed and breed from, what area are you in?
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    I have met a couple of Cavoodles at dog parks and there were a few when we were camping. They are gorgeous dogs, Ruby made a cavoodle friend too at the camp site two up from Ours!

    I am not sure how lucky you are going to be at finding a breeder as they are cross breds there isn't like a register or anything.

    Cavoodles, Moodles, Pugaliers, Spoodles and more for sale : Tails R Wagging

    I found this site.

    You might have to travel a bit to get one but to get the perfect pet its worth traveling. You will have this bub for like so having to drive or fly for a couple of hours is not that much of a big deal in the scheme of things!

    I would also prefer, specially when you are dealing with this breed. To see exactly where they come from rather then buying from a petshop or off the internet..

    Goodluck with your search! Its Great That you putting in the effort to try and get a Pup from the best source rather then just picking one up from any tom..
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    Thanks for those reassuring comments - will continue to look for a good BYB!

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    kdee - we will be on the Sunshine Coast

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