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    Hi everyone - wonder if I can get some advice. We are wanting to buy our first pets for our 9 year old daughter and 6 year old son. We are keen to get them 2 Cavoodles. I have started researching them and all I read is dont buy from pet shops and dont buy from puppy farms so where on earth do I find them? Any help on finding our perfect little pups would be greatly appreciated.....

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    So why not buy a pure bred Cavalier.....From a good reputable breeder. I have met some lovely ones in my Beginner classes. And a lot of the poodle crosses (with anything) are very hyperactive.

    This is just from observation in doing Beginner classes at Obedience.......
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    The net is your friend. Find a local breeder. Email them and ask them for help finding a current or soon to be availabe litter. The good ones dont seem to mind spreading the word for thier breeder friends. Get in thier loop and somthing will pop up.

    Good luck.

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    There are breeders around for these cross breeds.

    Google is your friend

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    Thanks for the comments - any idea how to we can be sure we are not buying from "backstreet breeders"....

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    Unfortunately with cross breeds there are no health testing and you don't really know which traits from which breeds are going to be more prominent in the pup.
    This is why it's better going for one particular breed, where they have been bred to breed standards.

    In other words, pretty much all cross breeders are back yard breeders. Better than a puppy farm though.. which is why you avoid shops.

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    Can you say why you want a cavoodle and maybe we can suggest some alternatives that would meet your needs that you could find a responsible breeder for.

    It's not impossible to find a responsible cross breeder - but I don't know of any or how to find them. And and it is possible to find an irresponsible pedigree breeder. Sadly.

    I think you'd do fine with maybe a bedlington terrier, or cavalier or other spaniel or a poodle. There's no guarantee a poodle cross will avoid allergic reactions or lots of shedding. It depends which side of the cross the puppy takes after - and it's pretty random. And some people aren't allergic to the fur/hair but the dog spit.

    Lhasa apso are gorgeous little dogs, that need clipping from time to time but don't shed much if at all. Any dog that doesn't shed will need clipping every 6 to 8 weeks. And that can be costly.

    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    Get the breeder promises in writing / email before you take the puppy. Make sure you meet the puppies with their mother and ideally meet the father too. And don't deal with a breeder that wants you to take a puppy before 8 weeks old, its likely to be socially stunted and may suffer other health problems too. Requests for deposits are common but should be around 10% to 20% of the full price, not 75%.

    A good way to meet breeders is to visit a dog show or two and talk to the people there and meet their dogs. Then you get a good idea of the care requirements, the breeder's dogs temperments (and probable puppy temperments), and the attitudes of the breeder when it comes to placing puppies. They should ask you a lot of questions about what you know about the breed and care and if you're willing to put the time and effort in.

    And for you - homework...
    Before You Get Your Puppy | Dog Star Daily

    And since you don't mind a cross breed, have you considered rescuing one. Temperment and coat will be just as uncertain, but they do have puppies too. Best to phone and ask places like AWL and RSPCA because their best puppies never appear on the websites. Mine never did.
    (website is down at the moment but should be back soon)

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    Excellent post

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    Personally from a grooming aspect I'd go either the cavalier or the poodle.

    The two coats work against each other, one trapping in the hair that needs to shed and will be as much work as a pure poodle and in most cases more.

    The Cavalier is a wonderful little dog perfect for those getting their first dog right thru to those wanting to do a little more with their dog, with them excelling in many dog sports and obedience.

    I also love the Poodle. Though generally it does need a little more stimulation to keep it a happy and contented dog but I love their lively spirit and many poodles go on to great things thru obedience, agility, fly ball and the like.

    Both breeds do require grooming, the poodle probably a professional groom but then so too will a poodle X.

    You need to find a good, reputable breeder as both these breeds have health problems. The necessary tests should be carried out on the parents before they are bred and the breeder should show you these before you purchase a pup.

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    Thanks all for your great advice. I liked the sound of a Cavoodle as apparently great with kids, small and good family pet and soooo cute looking... I will look into the Cavaliar a bit more. Do they shed a lot. None of us are allergic I just dont like hair on clothes, furniture etc.

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