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Thread: Roaming Dogs

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    So this morning I got a call on the mobile. A guy asking: "I think you found my dog?" He was calling about the BC cross. But when I mentioned that he was in the company of a deerhound, he said it was a staghound, so he knew the other dog, though I couldn't work out if it belonged to him too.

    I tried to tell him to talk to the owners of the restaurant to see if they knew what happened to them, but the phone cut out and he didn't call back. His number came up as private, so I cannot call him back.

    I am just so peed off that he only checked with the pound (or checked the website - same thing) over a week after he lost them! I hope the dogs are ok...

    I do wish that I had tried to take them home. But the logistics of it just overwhelmed me. I couldn't have left two dogs I did not know anything about in the backyard with my dog unsupervised while I was at work for example.
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    Well at least they have your number and can call back to here what you wanted to say.........Sounds like they were in a rush?

    Agree, mind boggling it took so long ......
    ... Jade ...

    Aha yeah me too! wee wee or pee pee and poo poo's or poopie

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