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Thread: Off Lead Dog Parks

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    i took my dog to the off lead park near my place the other night, no other dogs there but 2 lots of personal training groups going on..... was the first tiem i took Jonah there, i went and got 40m of rope from bunnings and a clip and essentially made a long lead. so i still had a degree of control of him but he could still run to his hearts content.... turns out he didnt wanna leave my side..... once he got the hint that he wasnt really on a lead, he did roam around a bit, which i took as my chance to do some recall training with him, to which he did pretty well.......

    sorry for the OT, hope your pooch gets better soon
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    I appreciate everyone's feedback & advice. We adore our puppy to bits & are relieved her injury appears only to be physical not emotional- she is still so happy like her usual self. We are looking forward to feeling confident with her again - it's more us than her that has been emotionally affected by the experience! We continue to train her & are so proud she is our puppy! Again, I appreciate everyone posting :-)

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    Great to hear your girl has handled it well and she is ok, maybe arrange some play dates with people you know that have well behaved and quiet dogs so that you guys can get your confidence back as well, learning how to break up dogs fighting can also add to your confidence ) it's amazing how much the dogs can bounce back and we can be left a little anxious.
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    I never go to off lead parks when someone else is there. My dog is also well trained, I don't want someone else stuffing his training up.

    I'm sorry to hear about your dog. I hope she is recovering well.
    I am the same...I only go in areas where I am in control, Like our Kennel Club. Where we pick the dogs that go off together.

    And I would never ever have my dogs, who are well trained, off lead if there are children around that I do not know.....My dogs off lead with Unknown dogs and kids...... I avoid 100%.

    I much prefer on lead socialisation and off lead in areas where we are alone or with dogs and owners we know.

    Mind you I would always keep my Annabelle on lead, unless she really knew the dogs well as she has history.......

    I hope your dog will be OK....Take care, I am sad that this has happened to your dog
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