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Thread: Is My Boy a "Pittbull"?

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    Default Is My Boy a "Pittbull"?

    My boy Makdog,

    well hes 11 months old.....people look at him and tell me he is a PITTBULL??
    He is well as far as I know an English Staffy....
    Amazing how when I always walk him people stop and stare or either avoid us all together or run??

    He has shown no aggressive behaviour, he was even bitten by another dog, the dog bit him on his face leaving a cut.
    Makdog didn't even bite back he just walked away.

    He's about 27kg now.... I was recently reading that the English Staffy and the American Staffy are classified as Pittbulls?????
    Could anyone clarify this???
    I think there is a real SOCIAL STIGMA in regards to these type of dogs.. I guess it doesn't help when the media brands all dogs that attack as pittbulls??

    My sister was at the age of 7 seriously mauled by a German Shepherd and she still has the scars. Any dog can be vicious it's owners who need to be vigilant and attend to their dogs and look after them.
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    Looks like a pitbull, but so do lots of breeds apparently.. he does really look like one though LOL
    I hope you are vigilant with training and socialising him. He is a big strong boy and he needs a good pack leader to keep him in line.

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    English & American Staffies are not banned or restricted.

    How tall is he to the shoulders?

    He doesn't look like a pitbull to me, looks very english stafford, but without knowing his height there's no way to tell properly.

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    Unfortunately I am a big softie I am Makdogs mumma lol
    My son has trained him so he always follows instructions from him.
    Makdog obviously regards my son as the Leader.

    If my son just looks at Makdog in a certain manner Makdog will follow what he says.

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    Whatever he is, he's certainly a handsome one.
    I'd call him a staffy.

    Quote Originally Posted by reyzor View Post
    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...

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    will get back to you on that I will measure him.

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    He is too heavy to be a pure Stafford. More likely he is a mix of Stafford and Amstaff (no such thing as an English Staffy FYI) or another bigger sized breed.

    But hard to tell without a full body picture.

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    Thanks Sean for your nice comment

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    He looks too big to be an english staffy with the head annd markiings I would say he could be a cross bred. Amstaff x maybe.

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    The perspective of that photo means any dog will look big. Wait till he gets measured before we judge hey?

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