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Thread: Is My Boy a "Pittbull"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toni View Post
    our boy isn't overweight as such .... vet said that he is normal but to be careful with feeding as we don't want him overweight.

    I saw a staffy in the pet barn so overweight the poor thing could hardly walk
    he looked like a Barrel on 4 legs...I was so sad to see that.... My boy will not be overweight I am extra careful now after seeing that poor dog.
    Guess some are bigger than others but you can obviously tell when a dog has a weight problem. Thanks for your input : )
    That happens with Bull Terriers as well, getting so overweight they just look like barrels and struggle to walk. I can't understand why people would do that to their dogs

    Glad your boy isn't overweight. 22kg is definitely a bit more normal lol, I am sure he will put on more weight though as he grows some more.
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    What state do you live in?

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    It doesn't matter Clubsprint. (English) Staffordshires are not banned in any state in this country.

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    yes I agree Hyacinth

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    I live in Sydney Clubsprint any reason for asking?? : )

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    I live in Sydney

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    Puggerup my son is 25yrs old
    and I am 41 don't judge me on that lol I am not old yet...... : )

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    meh, I have a 20 year old and I'm 37

    Just wanted to make sure you son was an adult

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    im 25... does that mean im an adult.........
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    I love 2 things in this world. Spandex and reyzor... not necessarily in that order.

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    Only on the cusp reyzor

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