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Thread: Is My Boy a "Pittbull"?

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    For a layperson like myself, saying English Staffy immediately tells me it's the smaller British breed we are talking about. Even though it's not the correct name here in Aus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toni View Post
    our boy isn't overweight as such .... vet said that he is normal but to be careful with feeding as we don't want him overweight.

    I saw a staffy in the pet barn so overweight the poor thing could hardly walk
    he looked like a Barrel on 4 legs...I was so sad to see that.... My boy will not be overweight I am extra careful now after seeing that poor dog.
    Guess some are bigger than others but you can obviously tell when a dog has a weight problem. Thanks for your input : )
    He looks big, but it looks more muscle than anything. "english" staffies are normally shorter and stocky. Am Staffs are normally more lean and muscular (from my experience lol) although looking at Bella, she is short, stocky and muscular and an am staff!

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    CHIPPS yes a big sook he is at that....he has a special chair he loves and if anyone even tries to sit on it he pushes them off.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keira & Phoenix View Post
    LOL But there is still no such thing as an English Staffy It is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier no English.

    That is still pretty heavy for a Stafford. At 11 months though and already 27 kgs..... likely Mak will put on a little more weight.

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    Australian National Kennel Council
    I know this much, but english needs to be added in there when talking to random people as I have found amstaff seem to have a "viscious dog" stigma about them (of which I do not carry) and everyone automatically assumes they are Amstaff where as "english" staffy does not carry such a stigma

    I realise he is much bigger then breed standards hence why he was never shown but he is a big solid boy and was the same as Makdog by the sounds of it, 28.5kg at his first yearly shots on the vet scales

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    He is gorgeous and looks very much like a staffy to me. Especially in the pic where he's sitting down. I know other breeds sit like that too, but I find it a very staffy way of sitting anyway. Like the staffy lean...

    We used to have a staffy nextdoors to us who sounded like some wild boar or something (though no idea what a wild boar would sound like!). I can't describe it but it was without doubt the weirdest sound I've ever heard out of a dog!

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    Hard to see in pics but he has real definition from his waist to his upper hind legs..
    hard to explain but its not all filled out so its not of the appearance that he is overweight.
    However with that pic of him sitting he looks like a fatty... can't tell in pics sometimes but he aint fat.... just a BIGGY lol

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    he is actually 22kg
    just checked his vet papers.... sorry for the mistake : (

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    Quote Originally Posted by toni View Post
    Makdog on the run lol
    Looks like a staffy there

    I had one that looked just like him.. the poor girl was a rescue and had a brain tumor. We didn't have her long

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    Quote Originally Posted by toni View Post

    Unfortunately I am a big softie I am Makdogs mumma lol
    My son has trained him so he always follows instructions from him.
    Makdog obviously regards my son as the Leader.

    If my son just looks at Makdog in a certain manner Makdog will follow what he says.
    How old is your son?

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    My brother has a pedigree Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I'd never heard of an English Staffy until I started trawling the dog forum websites. And that wasn't until 2008.

    My grandfather had a series of Bull Terriers and his brother had a series of British Bulldogs. So I was always clear about the difference. Snoring and wrinkes if nothing else. I always thought everybody knew until fairly recently. So sometimes I talk about short staffies and long legged staffies. But more often I talk about scary looking dogs and proto dogs, because cross a lab with a boxer and you get something that looks like a long legged staffie even tho it isn't.

    A lot of people call anything with semi erect ears and a short coat a pitbull or staffy.

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