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Thread: Jill, the Giant Rescue, Look at Those Eyes

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    she is absolutely beautiful!! so glad to hear she's in good hands now.

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    I will never understand how people can treat a life as a nothing as the owners of this dog did.
    If it was done to them they would be the first to complain about their treatment.

    It is times like this when you only wished you a large lump of wood in your hands.
    Yes this really gets me mad and this is why I could never be a cop, like my son is now.
    I just couldn't let them walk away close enough to scott free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chipps View Post
    Such trusting and loving eyes....

    Just so glad there are people like you and your vets etc Newfsie

    Are you able to say what her injuries/illness's are?
    She had bloat and pressure sores. Also some gut bleeding from a worm investation. She was dumped at the vets in Melbourne. They gave her all the free care and contacted rescue.
    I think she really only had a day or so.Bloat is often fatal
    Pets are forever

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    Poor girl. Thank you both for doing suchgreat work. What a beautiful girl she is.

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