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Thread: Boarding Kennels - Possible for Dog to Enjoy?

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    I'm recently retired after working in boarding kennels for years.

    Some dogs thrive on it and others do not.

    A good clean kennel with space, daily exercise and experienced staff is a must.

    Do not make a big scene when dropping off your dog and things will likely go very well.

    I used to take two of my dogs to work with me every day, they loved the varying company of the other dogs. The excitement of dogs coming and going and people constantly around. Some very excitable or active dogs actually have more fun in boarding than they do at home, bored, while their owners are at work.

    If you are worried ask for an inspection of the premises, don't be worried by all the barking as you walk thru, when it's just the staff passing thru the dogs seem to know and things and nice and quiet. Also ask if you can call throughout your holiday for updates, we had lots of owners do that and I was always happy to fill them in on who their dog had made friends with, how they were eating etc.

    Tell them everything they need to know about your dog, any lumps, bumps, phobias, likes and dislikes and this helps the staff make your dogs stay even better.

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    I don't mind kennels. The dogs have each other for company while having a neighbour come and feed means the dog's alone all day.

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