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    Last week Banjo got swooped by a bird for the first time, a noisy miner, but today she got swooped for real by a magpie. It cracked me up. I kept telling me that it served her bloddy right after chasing them all the time. I had been telling her that they would get their revenge.

    As if she understands of course... But it gives me great pleasure to point out the poetic justice of it.

    Of course she jumps up at first, but she did end up looking suitably impressed by the birds aerial acrobatics after a few swoops.

    I'll try to take some photos tomorrow. I took this absolutely amazing shot once of my old dog face to face with a magpie in mid-swoop. But I seem to have lost it somewhere in a computer upgrade.

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    Hahaha we use to have plovers that thought it would be a great idea to nest and raise their young on our driveway. They would chase the Harley, then Harley would chase them! So funny to watch

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    My black lab/kelpie always gets swooped by birds and the other ones never have.I now think it is because they think she is a giant crow!

    I just hope Dexer never gets swooped because he would be scared and not want to go out!

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    Our old dog use to chase Magpies and as the saying goes pay back is a bitch.
    Every time I walked her these same 2 magpies would swoop her.
    Then it all stopped and I don't know why.
    But yer she use to chase them from one end of the oval to the other. And she thought it was great till they got their own back. Though never actually got her.

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