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Thread: Love This Vid, Post Your Faves.

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    Default Love This Vid, Post Your Faves.

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    OK I will give you some out of control newfies, or just a little exited at Water Rescue Training

    Are Newfies Strong - YouTube

    Also some dogs doing Water Rescue in Italy. My friend Bettina trains with them and her newfies Capri and Vera

    Treningi z Cani Salvataggio - skok z helikoptera - YouTube

    cani salvataggio tuffo elicottero rescuedog jump helicopter - YouTube

    Rescue Dogs Jump From Helicopter - YouTube
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    lol love that first one Newfsie!

    i seriously love this dog! i could watch videos of him all day

    Amazing dog Tricks - YouTube

    and an agility one

    Cowboy - Agility at home - YouTube

    and a Kelpie!

    Max - Australian Kelpie - 1st Christmas - YouTube

    and its Mishka the husky

    Mishka RULES! - Dogs Talking - YouTube

    and just cause its cute

    Puppy vs. Mirror - YouTube

    okay i'm done now!

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