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Thread: Pooper Snoopers Against Bad Dog Owners Who Don't Pick Up!

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    Default Pooper Snoopers Against Bad Dog Owners Who Don't Pick Up!

    The problem of poop on the pavements is shocking where I live in Glebe, Sydney. So the residents round here are fighting back. We’ve been photographing the bad dog owners we catch and publicly shaming them with a poster campaign around the neighbourhood. This campaign is gathering support and last week we made the front page of a newspaper (Inner West Courier), and Channel Ten did a news story on Saturday!! To view the Channel Ten news clip and see the newspaper please visit our facebook page - search for ‘City Residents Against Poop’, or click on the below link. We’d love the support of responsible dog owners. Go onto the page and ‘Like’ us!
    Would love to hear peoples views on this.
    Cheers, Mr Pooper Snooper
    For more info on the campaign visit: -
    City Residents Against Poop (CRAP) | Facebook

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    Good luck with the campaign.

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    Best of luck with this, its not bad around here, even less so where I usually live but I found inner city melbourne disgusting with the amount of faecal matter laying around in parks and on footpaths.

    a good reminder from city of Sydney

    2.6 Dog Faeces
    Most dog owners collect their dog’s faeces, but some may not be aware of their responsibilities and others may act irresponsibly. Owners have a legal and social responsibility to pick up after their dogs.
    One of the most common complaints received by the City is uncollected dog faeces (litter). Uncollected faeces pose potential health risks. This is particularly a problem in playgrounds, on sports fields, on neighbour’s properties, and on public footpaths.
    The City will provide dog tidy stations (including dog litter bags) at all off-leash parks and other suitable locations, and will also work with dog owners to educate them:
    • to take a plastic bag with them when they take their dog for a walk, and
    • that it is an offence not to put their dog litter in the bin.
    City Rangers will work to ensure dog owners meet their social and legal responsibility to clean up after their dogs by promoting awareness of these responsibilities.
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    I agree that dog crap left lying on the ground is horrible. I hate it too.

    But I think based on what I've learned about dog and animal training - is that punishment doesn't work very well and a rewards based system even random jackpot payouts like pokey machines would work better to shape the behaviour we want in humans. Ie humans are animals too.

    So what I think would be a better idea is to involve local councils and pet supplies stores to create a rewards based program for dog owners who do the right thing.

    So the right thing from my point of view would be
    a dog owner caught in the act of cleaning up after their dog AND putting the dog doo in the bin (some owners only get half way there). Reward with dog treats or a roll of dog poo bags and or pocket size dispenser.

    a jackpot payout for the dog owner (or anyone else) who picks up crap that does not belong to their dog. Ie the poo bag supply, dog treats and a voucher for the local pet supplies shop to the value of $100 ie enough to get a large bag of dry dog food.

    And similar reward system for someone whose dog comes back to them when called, and jackpot payout for the one who gets their dog to come away from other dogs playing or small children running around or some other high level distraction.

    And a reward for the dog owners that make sure their dogs do not rush other dogs on lead. No greeting dogs on lead without having a discussion and permission from the other dog owner.

    And all this should be rewards based - ie reward people for doing the right thing. Think about how many people buy lottery tickets. Imagine if buying a ticket in this lottery was as easy and cheap as cleaning up after your dog. And we could have lots of agents to dispense the goodies, dog food sample bags and pet supplies vouchers.

    Now how to get this started... And I don't care if anyone grabs this idea, but if they're making money out of it can they donate 10% to AWL, RSPCA or other recognised charity for animal welfare.

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    Ha ha.....I still remember the time I saw myself on telly at night (rear view) walking two newfies on one hand and carrying two full poop bags in the other. And the guy on the news saying it was good to see some people pick-up.
    I always have bags with me everywhere in nearly every pocket/bag I own. I often wash them accidentally.
    I also offer them to people when I see their dogs do what they do and say "Oh you for got a bag? Here is one for you"...they hate that, I get a kick out of it LOL
    Pets are forever

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    I dont have poop bags but I always jam about 4 plastic bags in my pocket when I take my guys out.

    Pippi always decides that she will do her poop right by the traffic lights or something with is always quite fun lol

    I hate dog poop just laying around.

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    i havea roll of bags on jonahs if he is on the lead, there are bags........ havent had to use em yet though....... maybe he gets stage fright
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    I got caught without a bag the other week at Williamstown beach. Nero produced a whopper down on the sand metres from the water.
    I had no choice but to leave it there while i drove a couple of hundred metres up to a bag dispensor. I'm sure most people were thinking look at this pig as i left, but got the bag drove back and picked it up. Luckily no one had tripped over it.
    Lesson learned no bag no walk.

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    I've been caught out before & I'll go to the nearest house & ask for a plastic bag. The home owners have always been very happy to give me one when I explain why, though did have one elderly fellow yell at me for allowing my dog to poop in the first place......

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    Last time I was down the beach, Frosty crapped in the surf. I was there with the plastic bag out but there was nothing left to pick up. Just not fast enough. I guess the fish would be happy with that one.

    She never used to crap when we are walking along the footpaths but recently she's started. Ie last street before we get home she drops one. Especially if she didn't get the opportunity when we were at the oval. I always pick up and I resist the temptation to put the bag in bins left out on the street...

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