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Thread: How Long Do You Spend with Your Dogs Daily?

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    Default How Long Do You Spend with Your Dogs Daily?

    I have asked before how long people spend training their dogs, but never thought to ask how long people actually spend on a daily basis with their dogs. My poor dog is so bored and lonely since her friend got put down and I don't think I spend enough time with her.

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    Jodi, due to her confinement is 24/7'.
    The others come in when I feel like it.
    As I am home all the time and when Jodes is ok again to run free it will be with them mostly inside, their choice or not and I play door bitch when they need to toilet.
    They were trained when young that it was gentle inside and run amuk as much as they like when outside.

    The last couple of hours before dark they are outside as they go nuts doing their races and playing.

    I just have to get Jess house trained, she has only been back here a couple of weeks and then I am aiming for all 4 in with us at night as it was when we only had the 3.

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    with morning cuddles/pats, 2 x 10 minute training sessions, 2 x 10 minute walks (we are nursing cruciate ruptures and surgery atm) a good half hour play before work and a play after work I would say a bare minimum would be 2 hours and that's on a day I work 7 hours, the days I work less it's longer AND the days OH is home from work they get him ALL day... they hover in the shed with him, he plays in the yard with them.

    Before knee injuries they were getting all of the above but 2 x half hour walks a day.

    If I'm feeling generous they get a sleep over on our bedroom floor.... if the bed sheets are due for a change, they might get an extra special treat of a night on the bed, this has happened about 5 times in the year we have had them.

    Oh and on sundays I work 11-7.30 so at 2.30 I sneak home and take them up to my mum n dad's for the arve so they get a bit more company!

    Long story short, a minimum of 2 hours sole attention to them a day, without including the incidental stuff like talking to them through the patio door or when walking to the wheely bin etc.
    Cheers Aleesha
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    I work for seven hours four days per week and the rest is mostly spent at home or at the training grounds with the dogs. Also long walks with the dogs and/or swims at the lake. We also train horses at home and hubby works from home, again the dogs are around all the time. The dogs spend a lot of time with either one of us.It is their choice to be inside or out. And they go where we go. We either take them in the car, their Trailer or now our specially converted caravan ( in which we all fit comfortably)
    Dog and horse Training is pretty much it for us
    Pets are forever

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    I do one or two walks usually 1.5 hours even tho I only mean to be walking for 1 hour, always find an excuse to be out a bit longer especially if the weather is nice or it's important doggy sleeps well. We do two club trainings a week. And I train on and off when ever it suits me. Like any time. We did some crate training so I could eat my dinner in peace, not that I shut the door on evil hound but she did get some nice bits of roast chicken for staying in her crate.

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    I am with Murphy for most day at least 80% of the time.
    On the days when it is nice outside I make him spend time out there.
    When I am in the shed doing my exercises, he is with me most times, but it is getting less as I make it so he can go when he wants to.
    I know he should be better trained as I am home with him a lot but I still think all pups need to have the time to be pups.
    So this is our lives in a nut shell.

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    23 1/2 hours a day. The half hour is when they go outside to pee and then run back inside

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    Apart from when I'm at work and shopping and stuff, the dog's inside with me or we're out walking. I also take her with me whereever I can.

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    I work part time & study from home. I think it's about 7 hours a day where he's alone.

    The rest of the time he's with me. Training is incidental at my house. At random times I will call him to me, run through a small bit of training (particularly when perfecting a new trick) and play tuggy or fetch depending on which toy is closer.

    He sleeps under my desk (after I've told him to have a rest, because he hates to stop) while I study and sleeps on his bed next to mine at night.

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    Apart from when we are at work or go out to do shopping or whatever, our dogs are always with us.

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