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Thread: Formal Complaint About Barking

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    Next time he's out, call the council. Keep calling the council and having the council address the issue until they get the message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexie44light View Post
    Its extremely frustrating and is making me rethink my council approach..
    I agree with Angela Lexie.

    You have approached the neighbour and attempted to resolve your concerns about their dog.

    Neighbour made excuses instead of accepting the facts and agreeing to sort it.

    Next step is have a chat with your council, tell them what efforts you have made to resolve the issue.

    There a a number of concerns, but the biggy is it's straying that potentially could injure or be injured.

    Great to see you have a conscience as far as it being PTS, but that's a most unlikely scenario.

    At the end of the day....Who's problem is it?......Not yours.
    ... Jade ...

    Aha yeah me too! wee wee or pee pee and poo poo's or poopie

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    photos of the dog out

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    Our neighbour has gone of to Melbourne as his brother is bad.
    But this time after i told him about his dog.
    he has actually taken it to Adelaide so his daughter can have it there with her dog.
    So it was a big win for all of us around our area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rid**** View Post
    If you are up due to the barking I think if you had their number it would only be fair to wake them to.
    But not if these people are the aggressive type, you know like say a Pitt bull.
    Sorry about that different thread.
    Now back to it. Yer but if the people are not the kind you want to mess with say they might start to harrass you then don't do it.
    I know my neighbour and if I didn't i would not say a word to him as he can get quite arragant and its his way or no way thing.
    This friend sent her husband to go knock on the neighbour's door after their dogs had been keeping her awake from 2am till 3am last night. And the neighbour basically told him to F off and came up with some lame excuse about his dog being sick. So now it's spoiled their relationship. She is thinking of moving because of it.

    I feel lucky that we currently have no nuisance barkers in our street. We get a howling concert a couple of times a day from the huskies behind us, but I can deal with that. In fact, their teenage kids' foul language when they're in the backyard bothers me a whole lot more!

    I wish my dog would bark when there's someone at the door. She is the worst watch dog. Our pizza was delivered late and cold because we didn't hear the delivery guy's knock the other night! She's a good guard dog though. If someone ever were to come in uninvited, she would lick them to death quick smart!

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    Some people think they were put on this earth to have others do things for them.
    But I bet if the shoe was on the other foot they would be the first to complain.
    Start to document it and ring the council everyday if needed to get a result.
    It seem like there is no way to make this a friendship now so you have nothing to lose. So I hate to say it but dop them in.
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    Thanks guys
    Good idea about taking photos too!

    I talked to them again tonight and have told them theres rat/mice bait on our property (lies but if it works ) which could kill their dog. If they keep it in the back half of their property I think we wouldnt hear the barking..
    So am kinda hoping this scares them into doing something.. If not I will have to call the council. Unfortunate but a necessity.

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    I have had the luck to always end up with good neighbours.
    And to this I will say that when things have come up it has been resolved through talking about it.
    I don't know if it is due to the fact that some see me as scarey or if it is because we are good neighbours, which I think is the case.
    So to have this going on, I am speaking in terms that I know I would do.
    We have had friends that have had bad ones next door, I wish i could have got involved but it wasn't me living there so I had to keep out of it.
    And now back to the original answer I would without a doubt ring the council and make them get involved and if they don't then tell them you will put in in the local rag. I am sure this will give them just the enough encouragment to get off their large backsides.

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