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    Hello Everyone

    I have a little neighbourly dilema that I would be keen to hear others views on. I recently adopted a little dog who is about 12 months old. He is very cute! Yes I know we are all very biased about our little one...much like children I guess! Anyway my neighbour also has a little dog, one that is a bit naughty, never had any training. Sadly, the little guy next door never gets walked. I mean never, whereas I take my little one out twice a day most days.

    Anyway we have a gate between our properties and thought it would be a good idea if the two little dogs could play together when we are not around. On the whole it works great. Either of us can go away at night and be happy our little pups are having the time of their life. I even had a little vent constructed so that the two dogs can see each other and stop digging! It worked a treat but it seems its not enough

    Unfortunately my neighbour doesnt seem to understand boundaries and just expects my little guy to keep her pup company all the time. I don't mind so much but I do feel she is avoiding taking responsibility for her dog - not walking him and keeping locked in a court yard is cruel. I would also like my little guy to be able to stay on his own - the neighbour is living there only temporarily.

    I don't want to look after two dogs, I feel guilty about leaving my little puppy as it is. I have asked her to just ask me if she wants the dogs to play together but it seems she now sends her little girl of about 10 around to ask to play with my dog . I come home and then have to ask if I can have my dog back

    What does everyone think - am I being a meanie?

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    Your dog, your rules...

    I would perhaps offer to walk the dogs together but otherwise tell her that your dog needs to stay in your yard as he is in training. if she is not able to comprehend that I would suggest that you start keeping your dog locked inside whilst you are out

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    ohhh i think it sounds like youve got a great deal going on.. having a mate for your pup right next door.... great socialisation for your dog..... I think your right in wanting to keep some boundaries though.... not fair for them to send there 10yr old over to see if dogs want to play...does this child play with the dogs in there yard?..... if my dog was playing with someone elses child i would always want to be there to dogs are NOT aggresive or dangerous its just that some chidlren can really over exagerate a dog "biting" them and i wouldnt ever want to see anyone in that situation!
    sorry.. a bit off topic....

    as for the walking thing... well it would be nice to offer to walk there dog... but then they may just expect you to exercise there dog all the time which could give you more troubles...

    umm.. sorry i am waffling a bit now... I say.... keep the peace with your neighbour...... maybe set some clear guidleines re. doggy play.....
    good luck

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    I agree with Kelpiemum about the child playing with the dogs unsupervised. Maybe you should let the owner know you are uncomfortable with any kids playing with your dog unsupervised and especially on your property.
    Maybe set up a "playdate" time for the dogs to play each day when the child is at school?

    I wouldn't offer to walk her dog sounds like this owner would keep on expecting more and more.

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