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Thread: What Do You Think of the New Restricted Dog Law?

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    i got a ider how bout we round up all the bad owners and train them up and reloce tham back to the wild laugh
    lol that will be a funny site me on a horse rounding tham up
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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    30 years ago through the K.C.C. we tried to have the dogs banned from Australia and we couldn't get any political support at all. There was plenty of evidence even then of how much trouble and how dangerous these dogs are. The first I ever heard of a "pit bull" was an article in a magazine in the '80s about a pit bull killing a horse. I thought "They're never going to let those in" but how wrong I was. Most will never cause any issue but the potential for massive damage and death is there not only to people but to other animals. A google search for news on pitbuls turns up dozens of attacks.Personally I' glad that action has finally been taken against these land sharks. No one has ever been able to present me with a legit reason to own one. AFAIC the only good pitbul is a dead pitbul.

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    I think this article sums it up quite well.

    Unfortunately the ignorant may never be educated and will always destroy the privilige of dog ownership for the responsible.

    We don't have that many true pit bulls here. Breed bans have been tried here before (with the German Shepherd) and FAILED.

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    I am actually interested in reading peoples thoughts without retorts. it puts it out there for the world to see and the world will judge by the words written.

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    Have to say im for any law that can save the lives of animals or people, whether this is such law is anyones guess.
    Something does need to be done but i really dont think targeting breeds is the answer when clearly the ownus is on the owner.

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    Dangerous dogs dumped ahead of crackdown

    This is disgusting. Human behaviour so often leaves me wondering why we haven't been wiped out as a species long ago.

    Instead of people taking responsibility for their actions and their animals they are being encouraged to dump & abandon their pets or are having them seized based on how they look.

    Stupidity sucks. Our politicians suck. This whole policy SUCKS! End childish vent...

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    This troll conversation is unnecessary. I'm going to remove it from the thread.

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    I vote for ending this discussion altogether. There have been multiple posts discussing this topic already.

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