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Thread: Preventing Brown Spots on Lawns - Any Effective Lawn Treatments?

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    It's the acid that burns it. All lawns love nitrogen. My lawn always comes back greenest where the dog likes to pee. If you can dilute the spot by pouring water over straight after a pee - or it rains a lot, you don't get the burn spots.

    This is quite an old thread. Last post before today was September - yes the dates are not standard format.

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    Nah man, too much nitrogen kills lawns (even with lawn fertiliser), then as it dilutes over time it gets to a level that the lawn can handle again. This is also why the edges are sometimes greener: (Uni of California division of ANR) (University of Hawaii)

    Dog urine is high in uric acid, which consists of large amounts of nitrogen. Lots of people show that acid burning the lawn is a common misconception.
    This from the Allard Animal Hospital research project into lawn burn from dog urine:
    This from a vet: Dog Killing Grass with Urine - VetInfo


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