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    I saw Banjo swim for the first time today! I don't think she had ever swum before. And I was more proud of her than I was when my daughter took her first steps, I think.

    I had already resigned myself to the fact that I'd only get her swimming when the water was warm enough for me to get in (and these days that's only by the end of summer!). So far she'd only gotten sticks out from the shallow. But I threw a nice stick into the pond today and it drifted into the deeper water and she just started swimming. Only a couple of meters before she turned back, but very controlled. She looks like she'll be a strong swimmer.

    She can even wag her tail while she swims.

    Perfect timing too because this afternoon we're scattering my old dog's ashes into the river!

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    Totally understand about not wanting to head into the water at this time. I am so with you on that one.
    I am looking forwards to taking Murphy down to the river to let him have a swim.
    But I have to wait a little as I think the river is up a little and that makes the river run quicker so I will wait a couple of weeks before taking him donw to it. But I am so looking forwards to it.

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