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Thread: Dog Coats

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    IMO yes, coat outside as it is getting colder. They will grow a winter coat but I am always worried about short coated and smaller dogs will get chilled- might not be cold now but it does get chilly in SA lol. Dog coats I use are velcro around the chest and under the body - even if they get caught they fall off.

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    Falcon has a WeatherBeeta...great brand, great fit, great quality!

    Candy has an Avico one from ebay. It's not weather proof...I will be getting her a WeatherBeeta also...I'm just waiting for her to stop growing before I get

    My dogs are usually inside, and they are inside during the night. They don't need their coats on though as the house is usually nice and warm thanks to our wood fire ( place in brissy...hehe sooks we are in this house!!)
    So, the dogs just get their coats on for first thing in the morning when they get booted out for the toilet time ect.

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    Hiya, i have just bought Leo a wag wear nylon coat, size 55 and it fits him perfectly!

    I actually just ordered the 60cm weatherbetta kennel coat for him, WAY to big all over, need to post it back tomorrow. Then on Friday went out and bought him the wag wear coat in a size 50 (50cm) slightly to small in length! Went back to pet barn on the weekend and swapped it for a size 55 and it fits him perfect! We actually had someone ask us yesterday when walking where we got it cause it fits so perfect and they want one for their staffy.

    I also asked the girl in the pet barn store on Friday when I bought it, what she thought (As i know her and know she has 2 staffys at home) she said he girl staffy was really tiny and she wears the size 45cm….

    So all depends on your dog i guess.

    The wag wear one i got has velcro strap that goes around the neck and one around the tummy, Leo LOVES it and has slept in it for the past 2 nights. He sleeps inside but has been coming into our bed around 2-3am (I figured cause he was cold) but last 2 nights, he stayed in his own bed all snug and warm in his wag wear coat, little cutie!

    Trouble is now I am tempted to get him another coat, then probably another, and another (Did I mention I work in fashion development for a living LOL) I cant help myself!

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    sorry another question do they wear coats on walks?

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    HEY LEO !
    YEY !!! YOU'RE BACK !

    I find Wag-wear great for staffies...Mine has a size 55 and it fits really well. Got her a 50 once and it's too tight, never got around to returning it...but tried it on Lola just the other day and it's perfect. Oh...and Misi was doing the same...absolute pain in the middle of the night...and her ears were like ice cubes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ERINAH View Post
    sorry another question do they wear coats on walks?
    You can have them on while walking...i dont my girls wear harnesses while walking also i think they'd get too hot...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ERINAH View Post
    Hi me again (hope you see this occy!)
    So my puppy maleesex poodle (who ended up with about half the hair of both) iyo would need a coat? She sleeps outside and has a kennel.
    We live in adelaide so not too cold at the moment about 18 during the day.
    I feel bad as I would like her to be a inside dog (long storey bad dog!!) so I worry!
    Our nights are cold though....the minute the sun goes down it's freezing, especially now that it's pouring with rain. Mine wear mine at night, they sleep inside but our house gets cold and we don't always put heating on. I can tell when Misi's cold because she curls up, puts a cushion over her head and her ears feel freezing

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    Quote Originally Posted by isabelle83 View Post
    Hi Everyone

    I have been trying to find some quality dog coats for my Staffy Jay and have come across a website while doing a search on Google. The website is Home. Has anyone brought any coats from this website. The coats look great, apparently they are Australian made and of really good quality. They have some other accessories like beds and collars and lots of other stuff for dogs.

    Hi again everyone.

    Just to let you all know, I received Jay's new coat today in the post. It is a perfect fit and he just loves it. Im pleased I ordered through Pooches In Pyjamas website, when I ordered the coat online they requested Jay's measurements so we could get the right fit, I thinks thats awesome. I got the one that is red with paw prints and bones, its gorgeous fabric. I will be looking at getting another one made for my Mums dog. I would defiantly recommend them to everyone.

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