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Thread: Finding Out Her Past.

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    Question Finding Out Her Past.

    As most are well aware I adopted Kimba at 11 months old from the RSPCA.

    As i'm sure with anyone who has adopted you constantly think about then and what they were like as puppies and growing up.

    I was talking to my brother about it when I was printing photos of buddy as a pup for him.
    He said that I should try and see if the RSPCA could ask the previous owners if they had any photos or anything really that that could pass on/email me.

    Do you think they would do something like that?
    I know they are busy with more important things, but its something that I would love to have.
    In return they would know that Kimba went to a home where she is loved and adored. The lady that surrendered her apparently visited her a few times while she was there, so obviously cared about her.

    I almost wished my brother didn't say anything because now its driving me crazy wondering all about this as well!

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    generally no. People who give their dogs up to shelters don't want the responsibility of looking after them and most don't care and wont help. Or perhaps I am a cynic...

    Most times you wont know a dogs background - but really, you should think of the future not the past.

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    I often wonder the same thing, we didnt get Scoobs till he was 4, so there is a few years we no nothing about him, how he was trained etc etc. He often cowls away if i raise my voice, so was he abused when he was younger. I thought about trying to contact the previous owner, but thought better of it as i might find out something i dont want to know, and besides, he was given up, so to me they want nothing to do with him.
    I'd put it out of ya mind and just enjoy the time you have with him now.

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