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Thread: Crate Advice

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    We had the Pop up one when Ruby was a pup, it was great. When we were visiting I took it along so that she had a place she could go that she felt comfortable and safe. Or when she was being a little naughty!

    We ended up putting it on the back verandah when she got a bit older and over time the door was chewed off, not sure by whoch dog as there was two of them at the time!

    We want a metal one for when we go camping cause they are more open and breezy for the car ride and also a bit more stery if we have to lock her up in there some whatever reason.

    If we had another pup I would sooo Get the material ones again! I found the cutest pink one that I am so tempted to buy

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    My Gigha has a wire one. The first one I ordered was the XXXL and I had to send it back, way way too big. Mark it out on tape on the floor, that helps. Mine was through VEBO and they were great about exchanging and everything.

    Yes the wire ones look a bit 'cagey' but ours is in the corner of our family rooma nd it is covered on 3 sides by blankets so you dont even really see the wire. She got diarrhea when we went camping last and it was so so easy to clean.

    She even whines to go in it when camping and right now, having been desexed today, she happily asleep in it and I know she is safe from hurting herself. Def the way to go!

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    Marking it out with tape on the floor is a great idea!

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