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Thread: Do Dogs Remember Stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di_dee1 View Post
    My last dog, Shadow would walk 3km to my FIL's farm when he saw hubby and I both getting into the car with suitcases or both went away towing the boat.
    We had no need of pens or fencing as he never usually left the house area.

    He would have been checked on daily and fed by my FIL but went over there for the company.

    We then started to drop him at the gate so he wouldn't get skittled by a car and notified FIL that he was on his way.
    aww that's gorgeous

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    I don't think that your dog understands it so don't have make it a big deal. comfort him though as much as you can. there are some dogs that have a very good memory. The sudden change in behavior may be due change of atmosphere inside the house.

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    I know my dog does. And the answer is "Yes". I have no doubt that they do remember a lot, but, as with humans, the mechanism is very poorly understood. As a puppy my dog had been beaten with a broom. For the rest of his life if you pick up a broom he'd freak out. I'm sure he remembered his abuse.

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