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Thread: Constant bottom scooting pug!!!!!

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    Question Constant bottom scooting pug!!!!!

    Hi All,
    First time user here so bear with me! Have the most adorable almost five month old male black pug called Ralph. Since acquiring him at eight weeks he has been a pure delight except for his constant bum scooting!! have had him too vets who released anal glands then gave me some cortisone cream to rub around his anus... Oh joy! He still continued to scoot so friend /groomer released glands again not much in there, took him back to vets who gave hime cortisone shot and said thought might be allergy??? although nothing to see on him. Suggested starting him on steroids if not any better??? Didn't particularly like the sound of this as they still didn;t really know what they were treating Friend checked glands on Friday he started scooting again sat morning???!!!! He is on Puppy Advance and fresh chicken necks......and as little tidbits as I can keep everyone from giving him. He really is a handsome little man and this is driving him and us crazy. Hope someone out there has some suggestions for me.
    Thanks...... and he is regularly treated with Advocate so this rules out mites and worms......

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    Sounds like a cutie.

    Be wary of just throwing different medications at him without an actual diagnosis... It could be an allergy, but he can be tested for them so you know what it is without just suppressing his reactions.

    Has he always been on the same diet? It sounds great but maybe it's not for him? You could try gradually changing different parts of it one at a time. This could help you rule out food allergies yourself.

    Best of luck with it...

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    I used to breed and show Pugs (the last of my line is 16 and still with me). They are certainly characters, especially the blacks who tend to be naughtier and more eccentric than the fawns IMO.

    Perhaps this problem began because of impacted anal sacs and then became a habit?

    Check his poos to make sure he is not constipated. Sometimes a dog will scoot if their motions are too hard to pass out easily. If this is the case cut out the chicken necks for a couple of days and add some oil to his food. Most Puggies love tinned sardines in oil and I use this if their poos are too hard.

    I've had two Pugs (brother and sister actually) who became constipated when fed necks and chicken mince for pets which is mostly bone. My other Puggies coped with necks and wings with no problems.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    Welcome to the world of Pugs. They are the comedians of the dog world. Watching a pack of Puglets play gives you more laughs than the funniest comedy show in the world.

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