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Thread: Vets Removed Dewclaws Without Consent?

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    Default Vets Removed Dewclaws Without Consent?


    Haven't been on here in a while!

    DH forgot to update our number with them when our dog went in for her desexing. Apparently the Vet tried to phone us, then when we couldn't be reached proceeded to remove her "pet hate" our dogs dewclaws.

    She is not home yet, but by the sounds of it, it wasn't just cutting, it was removal and stitches.

    I am very angry, and upset. If the Vet had a problem with them, she had 4 separate times in the past 3 months to bring them up, actually all anyone said was that she had "superb dewclaws" she was actually commented on them.

    And now they have been removed, a medically unneccessary procedure, her life was not in danger from them, and if they really thought it was an inssue, why not let us do our own research?

    I am a good dog owner, I take care of all my animals, they are all brought in and vet checked regulary, fed a good, researched diet, and have plenty of stimulation and play. I KNOW, that if it had been brought up at all, I would of made the right decision for my dog.

    But that choice was taken away from us. It cannot be reversed, and now my dog will be coming home with stumps and stitches.

    I am very upset. I was quite happy with this vets till now. But I cannot, in good conscience, take my animals there anymore. My other dog has dewclaws on her front feet, whose to say next time she has to go in, that they won't remove hers too?

    I feel absolutely violated. I didn't know that any Vet had the right to do that. To me its akin to having my daughters tonsils out, and them just deciding to do her appendix as well, without consent, because of something that "could" happen.

    What would you do? If there was a way to reverse it, I wouldb e fighting for it every step of the way, but they did something irreversible.

    My baby will be home soon, and I know I will be in a fit of tears as soon as I catch sight of her

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    As many times as I've had the procedure done when needed I am still gob smacked a vet would open themselves to such a legal mine field! Not to mention ethical one.
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    Completely unacceptable.

    Are they charging you for the procedure?

    I would be writing a letter to the owner of the Veterinary surgery outlining how upset you are, how violated you feel etc (even if the owner is the vet who did the procedure), I would then be contacting the Australian Veterinary Association (Cookie support required | Australian Veterinary Association) and making a complaint about the Vet Surgery and the Vet in particular who performed the procedure. I would also possibly be speaking with a solicitor in relation to compensation if you would like to take it that far.
    I would also be looking around for a new vet.

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    Totally unacceptable in my view.

    The Vet has not bothered to consider what your views were and has obviously assumed you would be ok with this. I would be very angry if I were you. Very angry. Not at the thought that the dew claws were not there, but the very fact that the Vet saw fit to undertake a procedure that is purely cosmetic in most instances and, as you said, uneccessary and without your permission!
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    I don't think we were charged for it.

    The fact of the matter is, it was not even mentioned. Roxy was due back yesterday, but fell asleep in her pen, and the vet tech asked if it was okay to let her stay the night, DH agreed, then noticed the stitches on her legs and asked what happened, which is when the vet tech told him. It was NOT even mentioned at the front desk, nor when he paid, only once he went round back with the car, and saw her, and asked, did they say what happened.

    Its a small town area, and I don't want to be named as a troublemaker or some such nonsense, so I will look into options and see what I can do. There's no way I'm taking them back to that vets, and I want to stop them from doing that to others. Just because we were "unreachable" does not give them some sort of power to do what they please.

    I was already scared (I'm not fond of anaesthetic and get paranoid waiting all day to make sure she's okay) and this just tipped the iceberg. I only hope that at least they did a good job of stitching her up, both on her paws and her belly. The last vet I used did a mockery of a job on my other dog, causing loose skin flaps and still very visible scarring.

    I just wish I could find a vet that I can trust!

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    were abouts do you live
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
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    Ruddy disgusting.

    The only time dewies should be removed is if they are causing damage. Vets should KNOW this, they should KNOW it is a long and painful recovery, and most of all they should KNOW what the owner has asked for!!!!

    Unfortunately I have heard some vet horror stories so it is only mildly surprising, but that does not make it any better.

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    You dont do anythng without the owners permission IMO. When a cat I used to have went in to have a fang removed (because itd been knocked half out somehow) they even rang me during the removal to tell me her teeth needed a clean and could they do it and that didnt even involve any removal. So they shoudl check for anyting IMO

    Our current vet even checks regarding pain releif.

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    I second what K&P said. Write to the Australian Veterinarian Association. Otherwise this vet will keep doing this kind of thing to other people's pets and think she is doing them a favour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruby mc nugget View Post
    were abouts do you live
    Country VIC. I'm off to google about recovery (for dewclaws), they didn't even tell us anything about that (not that they told us much anyway).

    We don't have many choices where we live, I think it might be a case of having to travel ages to a good vet again.

    Can you ask for a tour/option to speak with a Vet & staff? I don't really want to change over to another horrible one. Honestly, I've had enough, and its severely making me re-think my decision not to be a vet. At least if I was, I could trust myself not to do anything I didn't want done (rofl).

    I might have a google to see what Vets are within a 30 minute vicinity of our area, and visit them all. I've had enough of shelling heaps of dollars out to get abusive or incompetant vet assistants, rude administration, and Vets who ignore my requests. Sadly customer service in all faculties of life is pretty much non-existant these days, but I notice more and more that the majority of rude, ignorant, etc people seem to work in Animal Departments (don't even get me started with the lady at our local pound).

    Thanks for your help, its brought to light a lot of interesting information and I'll need time to digest/figure out what to do.

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