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Thread: Vets Happy with RAW Diets

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    Gigha has been on one part beef mince, two parts chicken mince and one part Vet All Natural porridge stuff. She has been doing great but it will be interesting to see what the vet says next week when I take her in as they had never heard of the Vet's All Natural. It was recommended to us by her breeder so that is what we have stuck with.

    Our GSD's were kibble and BARF and they were fine. I think, like humans, if a food upsets them, change it and see. Time and experiments will tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k9pal View Post
    Hi All
    I have recently got a lab puppy who was recommended raw diet by the breeder. The breeder has good experience in this since 1980s and I am keen to follow her advice. The issue is that the vet place we attend for puppy preschool is pushing 'balanced' diet of dry food.
    Can someone recommend a vet who is happy with raw/BARF.

    At the moment my puppy has a healthy weight ans is on 2 meals/day comprising of
    chicken necks/chicken wing tips/ whole egg w shell/lamb flaps/sardines/plain youghurt/fruit and veg puree added to chicken mince or sardines 3-4 times/week. We also will be starting her on a vitamin supplement soon. Also got some sushi sheets to feed for trace iodine supplementation. Any suggestions?
    Thank you.
    Was at my vets today and thought of this thread K9 she has a neat little flyer on her desk which tells the best fruit and veg to give your dog, what they get out of it and how best to prepare it 8>)
    All meant to go along with fresh meaty bones of course.

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    minibullsmum, what a pity your vet's not in my neighbourhood!

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    To the op- I completely understand. We took our dog to the vet for a sore paw and left 1 hr later after a HUGE lecture (and handout) on why NO BONES EVER should be given to dogs, what a terrible decision we had made to feed BARF (which the vet had NEVER heard of) and a guilt trip because I flatly refused to purchase the dried food the vets waiting room was full of.

    Neadless to say we have a different vet now. I do think sometimes some vets are pushing the food for a profit, I also do not think many vers know much about nutrition.I will goto the vet for scientific medical advice but not for a food recommendation.

    We feed mostly BARF and some high end kibble. We removed ALL grain based foods as our beagle had contant ear and paw infections (both bacterial and fungal), as well as the constant "itches". In our case this has had huge benifits- not 1 single infection since we made the switch.
    Like humans different dogs will have different allergies to different things. For us removing grains has been FANTASTIC, and it surprises me that vets push commercial foods so heavily laden with grains.

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    I can imagine your situation sweetboy.
    Well, I was desperate for a vet as Milli's 12 week vax were due. After ringing 3 places asking if their vets were OK with raw and got negative replies, attended RSPCA clinic (thinking it will be less commercialised). Got told that puppy needs 80% dry and remaining 20% anything else (so basically 2 fresh meals rest dry in a week).
    Spoke to the breeder of my puppy's dad who entirely supported raw and has fantastic hip/elbow scores on her showogs who get used as studs and has been giving raw with vegies prior to Barf/vets all natural came into market.
    This has now given me the confidence to carry on giving raw bony cuts with vets all natural and fresh vegie mush. I also feel that she loves this kind food so much. she squeals as she savours the meat layer by layer! Definite bonus with this is that she's not much into chewing furniture at all!

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    Frankly unless you go in asking what you should be feeding the dog they shouldn't be telling you anything about diet.

    Do what is right for you. Leave the medical stuff to the vets & if they want to try pushing their foods on you let them. Who cares really, you're not going to buy it anyway and if they want to waste their time let them.

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