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    Hi guys,

    Have a very over active puppy (cockerspaniel x toy poodle). He is beautiful and i totally expect him to be hyper but any tips on settling? He literally runs circles around the loungeroom bounding on to beds/ lounges/ tables in his way! particulary at night time.. Also mouthing alot - very playful little guy! haha, whilst we find it funny at times, its not always appropriate. I try talking in a soft voice adn rubbing him on the ears and he settles momentarily but just wondering if i should be stopping him in the moment??

    Any help appreciated!

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    Hi Charlie,
    Yes this is normal puppy behaviour!
    You can curb the mouthing by providing toys to chew on rather than hands. Johnny was terrible when he was little but he grew out of it (with some correction and patience of course).
    Have you been walking him? A good long walk before bed works well for me.
    Interactive toys are good too. Try a Kong – they are great.

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    cant help you about the hyponess but my pup used to mouth me all the time and it started to turn into biting and i once bit her back cause she made me bleed and she hasnt done it ever again

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    Here is some good info for you......

    Puppy Biting by Ian Dunbar Put the Pen to the Paper
    Pets are forever

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    My 7 month old used to be exactly the same. I know they say desexing a dog doesn't necessarily calm them down, but since we got him fixed up, he hasn't had one "hypo burst."

    Increased exercise will also help. We got another dog which helps because they exhaust each other out, so make sure you take him on big long walks or take him outside and do some training with him to keep him occupied.

    Watch what you're putting into his mouth as well. We used to give Buckley those pedigree jumbbone chews and found on the days he had one..his mood was crazy! Have since realised the main ingredient is sugar!

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    Have you got a bed set up or a crate set up in the loungeroom where you would like him to sit? I find it easier for a dog to understand if they have their own place.

    Take him for a nice long walk in the late afternnon to burn some energy.

    When he starts carrying on be stern and make him stay in his "Place" when he stays there for say 1 minute you treat him, then make it 3 mins then 5 mins.

    We just had our dog on heat and although we have a full tiled House its still not nice having to wipe up blood as she is running around the house jumping on the lounge etc

    We made her a Loungroom area with old towels and and a huge cushy pillow.

    It didnt take her long to work out that she has to go on her "bed" when we are in the loungeroom.

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