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Thread: Cruelty in a Small Town (warning, distressing content)

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    Default Cruelty in a Small Town (warning, distressing content)

    I was wondering if anyone has heard about the little mix dog that was chopped in half.
    It said on tonights news that this actually happened last Saturday, but the owners were too tramatised to report it till now.
    They have got a 2 year old little daughter so I think this could have stopped them from reporting it till now to, maybe just to protect here.
    But I have no idea what goes through these Numb*uts that think they are so tough that they can do this.
    I think it might be solved quite quick as it happened in a small town and us who live in small towns will know the word get about real quick weather it is true or not it still gets out.
    I hope once caught they get their danglely bits chopped off. I think this would be a good payment for their deeds.
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    Chopped it in half? OMG, I hope the poor dog was dead first.
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    I should have put this down but I forgot it till the last reply.
    They said it looked as if the dog was tortured with some sort of sharp objects to so I dare say it was alive. I would be thinking these lowlifes would have got a kick out of it.

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    Wasnt it a pomeraniam? They say they only found half of it too

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    It was something small like that, they said it was brown in colour.
    And as far as the report went they did only find half the body, though I am not sure what end theey got back.

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    I cant say much at all.....its making me violently ill and angry in equal measures. If capable of doing to an animal,what of a small child or even adult.......I look at my youngest and sometimes thinking sadly to myself , "what type of world have I brought you into"
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    I understand what you are sayong but this could very well be turned into a lesson on what not to do as it is bad behaviour.
    It is a good world just some fruit loops about and this is what we adult must teach our kids and grandkids.
    Don't let a few bad ones make this a bad place for yourself.

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