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    So I went away on holiday for three weeks and come home to some interesting behaviour.

    Much to my disgust Johnny has discovered the litter box (and therefore a treasure-trove of cat poo to eat!) He sneaks into the bathroom and jumps into the litter box. I caught him doing this last night. I asked my partner about this and wondered if he had seen him do it before.

    He said he had seen it a few times but thought he was trying to litter train himself *face-palm*

    Luckily it doesn’t take much correcting for me to stop Johnny doing naughty things. That and I am pretty vigilant in shutting the door lol.

    Does your dog misbehave in protest when you go away?

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    I know when we take Murphy out to front with us on seperate occasions we both now have had Murphy heading of to the tree in the front yard.
    This is the cats toilet and yep no need to go any further on this.
    So I have now decided that when we go out there with him he will be on the lead and not have the freedom to go there.
    He is only young but has picked up on this early.
    So it isn't the same as what has happened to you but what they are eating is the same.
    I hope you work it all out.

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    My dog barked all night at friends place number 1 (he never told me that she'd be an outside dog), and at friend's place number 2 - she just took over because neither friend or her dog were the least bit good at saying what they wanted - ie my dog wouldn't have argued but they never said... so life was hell for them too.

    And since then, when I go away, my evil hound goes to boarding kennel where she gets along really well with everybody and solves all their doggy exercise problems ie she is great with the fragile dogs or with the rough ones that other dogs are not.

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    Well he got walked by my dog walker four times a week while I was gone but I was just surprised at how silly my boyfriend actually was. Litter training himself – that still makes me laugh!

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