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Thread: In Need of a Temp Loving Home

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    A friend of mine got a house sitter though an agency to stay at her place and look after her pets while she was away. It worked really well.

    I'd want to try it out on a short trip or something first.

    I had two people from my dog training club offer to look after my dog while I was on holidays for a month - and neither of them coped and she ended up at the boarding kennel that had been recommended to me by another friend from the same club. I'd gone and checked that out before I went on holidays and thought it was ok. Frosty loved it. And that's the best recommendation - if your dog is pleased to be there and pleased to see the staff. And they kept her safe. No escaping and trying to run home to find me or annoying the neighbours by barking all night because she didn't know where I was.
    we wouldn't mind for a week or 2 but 13 weeks, no it would be way too long in kennel, I cant bear the thought of it

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    Maybe put off the trip then till you find somewhere suitable?
    Unless you promised your parents a time frame to do it then is this possible or is it already booked?

    You may hate the idea of them in a kennel but they just might like it, especially if together..
    Mine loved it for a few weeks. Just inspect some till you find one if other avenues fail.

    Don't make the mistake of projecting human emotions on the dogs. They operate in a whole different way.

    The kennel I had 2 of mine in were happy with me ringing them and I have even heard of some upmarket places having web cam so You can log on and see them. No idea where I heard this.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    It's a fair way away so I can't guarantee circumstances will still suit but I live in the west of Melbourne and may be able to do it! They would have to get along with a grumpy cat and (hopefully at that point) a greyhound though. Feel free to PM me.

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