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    Hi there I have a little 3 year old foxy. I am going to be moving house at the end of the year and it involves a 2 day drive to my new home.There will only be me and my dog travelling.
    She hasnt been in the car much mainly because she sits and does the foxy thing and trembles.
    I am thinking of getting a proper seat for her so she can sit up front with me and still be restrained. If I can get her used to it she may be ok on the trip
    Does anyone know of some good dog car seats?
    Thank you

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    LOL, Im sorry but LOL

    I think those dog seat things are hilarious. No idea where you would get one from.

    Good luck with your move, we are moving with a 12-14 hour drive soon - itll be fun

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    Have seen some on eBay. Their cute

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    I would get a crate and put it on the back seat.....Much quieter for the dog and not so much happening.

    If you are not moving until the end of the year, why not start making short trips with your dog to really fun places. Or with a really good reward at the end. make it fun little short drives and go further and further. until your little dog gets happy about going.

    Also when you take your dog, do not make a big deal out of any nervousness it displays, ignore it, do not speak nicely or such. because the dog will think it is a rewarding behaviour.

    Make the end of the Journey the fun....Stop, go for a walk, treat and go back home.

    I have made several Rescues car lovers by this method
    Pets are forever

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    If you go to your nearest Australian Air Express depot they have (or can order for you) small, medium and large animal crates that are cleared for animal travel in airliners. They're not much more expensive than pet shop crates but are much sturdier and have the advantage that if you ever want to take your foxy by air, you won't have to buy another crate.
    When we moved from Sydney to Brisbane, both our cats travelled by air in these type of crates - you just check them in as baggage!


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