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Thread: Water Bowl Blue's

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    No need to be sorry.
    I think this is good that it has opened a different chain of thought.

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    yeah, didn't really mean it, but since the subject was continued I had more to say (still do), but enough is enough

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    Hmm, to the original topic, we had a dog who did this. Ended up we put a large ceramic dish in the shower, and that was where his water was.
    Tried all sorts of things, bucket in the bath, which he could reach easily, you have to let them have water, and although it can be messy if you have a dog inside you need to expect that.
    As for the second topic, my cat lives inside, he has an enclosure built onto the end of the patio outside so he can talk to the birds and do cat things, my wee dog uses it as well.
    Cats do not suffer if they are inside all the time, that is just rubbish.

    We have a country full of feral cats because they have been allowed free reign.

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    I am going to make a frame that I can sit his food bowl and water bowl in.
    So this will make him have to stand to have a drink and drink his water.
    I will make it so he still has to drink and eat in the right way but can't get his paws in it any longer, (well fingers crossed).
    And this is our cat in question, as cats go this is a real good one.

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