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Thread: Wet Weather Toilet Habits

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    Default Wet Weather Toilet Habits

    It's pouring with rain at the moment, but the back door has still been open all day.
    I have been snuggled up on the couch.

    I just walked down the hall to the bedroom only to discover Brody had jumped up on the bed, started peeing then decided to jump off and keep peeing while he walked down the hallway, through the kitchen to the laundry.

    There was a zig-zag of dog pee the entire length of the house

    Dryer will be working over time on the bedding tonight and I'm so tempted to lock the little bugger outside in the rain.

    Anyone else have dogs who refuse to go outside when it's wet?

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    Had a bit of a chuckle to myself this morning. Took the dogs outside for their morning wee, they're both absolutely busting and bolt onto the lawn without realising it's absolutely pouring. Never seen two dogs move so quickly back to the patio. Instead they both thought it would be much nicer to wee on the paving.

    Do you have a patio? I just suck it up in winter..the rain tends to wash it away. but i have found that they now think it's ok to wee on the paving any time of the year!

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    Ours do the sudden skid to a stop on the back stairs which usually results in them falling DOWN the back stairs and getting even wetter

    Our house just goes from laundry to outside, no under cover areas. Our house is the perfect shape to have a deck there but every time we finally get some money in our renovations fund something happens and we have to spend it!

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    I am very lucky that mine don't care what the weather is like to toilet.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    We don't have this problem one little bit even as young as he is.
    Murphy will walk about in the rain which he has only experienced twice so far.
    But he just walks about in it like it was a dry day.
    Our old heeeler use to do the exact same thing to.
    We have got the sprinkler going and you guessed it Murphy is right there where the water is coming out.

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    Found a crap outside my bedroom door at 3am this morning, it wasnt even raining the lazy bitch Grrr OH wasnt happy HE had to wake up and clean it hahaha

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    Mine dont care if its raining.

    If they need to go they will quickly run out, go and then rush right back. If they arent desperate they wont go out into the rain.

    I do notice though, when its raining, Pippi doesnt take half an hour to find a wee spot, she just runs to the closest bit of grass and goes LOL

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    Mine go...Yipee, rain, lets get wet
    Pets are forever

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    Mine absolutely amazes me how long he can actually hold it in when it's raining. He would stick his nose out of the doggy door and pull straight back if it's pouring down.

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    Mine do not like the rain. However, I've learnt over the years and I restrict access to much of the house when it rains and I make extra effort to encourGe them out as soon as the rain let's up. I prefer a clean house and so it is a great motivation for me to be extra vigilant!
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