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Thread: Do the Dogs Need Tick Treatment???

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    Lala, Any precautions you can take I would.
    we have just returned from the sunshine coast and one of my dogs 5 days after our return was paralyzed in her back legs. She has spent 3 days at the vets recovering and will need to be kept calm for the next few weeks. All this at a time of the year when the ticks should have been at their least trouble.

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    I have just got off the phone to the vet right around the corner from our new house and she said that ticks are a problem in the area and have been more so at this time of the year than previously.

    She suggested I start with a tick collar initially, and put it on them a couple of days before we go and then before that runs out to then decide how we want to tackle covering all the pests. She also said to still do nightly or every second night checks.

    So, that is what we will do.

    Thanks everyone

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