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Thread: Do Other Dogs Dislike Certain Breeds?

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    I have heard this a lot as well. I have found though that they tend not to like the breeds that are hard to read. Such as Shar pei's, boxers etc who have squished faces, short tails, lots of hair etc. Basically anything physically different about the dog that makes their intentions hard to understand can make other dogs very wary of them. Especially if they have not met the breed before or did not meet them often as puppies.
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    When we had a Westie she was bought up with a Rottie and she loved her to.
    When the Rottie died little Bundy was so lost.

    But little Bundy never liked dogs that were fluffy she would alway nip at their tails, she got a few in obedience training with the wife who was in control of her (well).
    When Bundy saw a Rottie she would not make a sound towards them.

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    my mums dog is a border collie x lab, she has always hated nearly all male dogs, not sure why though. but after she got attacked by 4 wolf hounds and a jack russel she started to hate little white fluffy dogs, she litarely trys to kill them even though she has never had a bad experiance with them

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    i dont like mean dogs when i lived in somervile next door there were two mean boxers who nearly attack our puppy last year i put my self in beten the puppys and the mean boxers but the most amizing thing was the mum ruby came running up and put her self in betreen me fort them off after that week later the boxers were staetd as daners dogs thank you ruby
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    That is such a great post even though it was short I got the full picture.
    Well done Ruby a hero without wanting any praise.

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