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Thread: Owney the Postal Dog

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    Talking Owney the Postal Dog

    A friend in NYC told me of this adorable story.

    I'll just copy and paste what he sent me:

    'Owney the Postal Dog got his own stamp today. His story began in 1888 when he wandered into the Albany, N.Y., post office. The clerks there took pity on the homeless waif, fed him and adopted him as their mascot with the name "Owney." From that first day, Owney showed an odd connection with the U.S. mail. He fell asleep on some mailbags. He was attracted to the scent of the mailbags and followed them when they were placed on a Railway Mail Service train. Where mailbags went, Owney went, riding atop the bags on trains traveling across New York state. Soon railway mail clerks noticed something almost supernatural about this little mutt. In an era when railroad wrecks were common, no train Owney rode on ever crashed. Mail clerks looked on the dog as a good-luck charm, and he became part of rail folklore.

    Owney eventually rode across America in those train mail cars, and railway employees fitted him with a special collar to display souvenir tags from each of his stops. His collection grew to hundreds of tags, everything from baggage check tokens to freebie "good for" merchant tokens.

    But no Rover could be satisfied staying put for long. Owney shipped out on a steamship and embarked on a world trip. He made such a stir that Japan's emperor granted him an audience.

    Owney continued to ride the rails until ill-health ended his travels. He died in 1897 after logging more than 143,000 miles and keeping his perfect safety record intact.'

    I googled further, and found out that the dog actually traveled to Malta and Egypt too, as well as all over North America.

    This link has a great map and some more information: American Philatelic Society's Chapter Activities Committee Internet Home Page- Owney Resource Page. tmf

    I just thought it was a cute story Imagine your dog roaming the world and what they would get up to!

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    OMG that is a crazy story. Dogs are amazing!!

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    Thats really crazy!! Great Story, thanks for sharing

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