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Thread: Please Help Me Identify This Dog Breed.

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    This is my dog Boo Boo and yes he is from a BYB, and im happy that i chosen him. This dog was incredible and my best mate and RIP my friend . I love to know his breed, I can't go back to where i gotten him from, but i remember there were 3 males dogs there and one female. The female was like a little Chihuahua Dog, however I don't think it was one but a Small jack russel or some sort. The father was either this biggggg dog or the two other small dogs, however when i look at him he resembles the big dog and of course he got his size from his mother. He looks like a fox or a dingo. As i pulled his skin back from his face he looks like a grey hound or dingo. His tail was furry, his neck too.

    I want to find this dog breed, so I can go find a new friend in the home. I've two Poms, but i don't like them, they don't cheer me up and i dislike them. This dog however the one on the pictures would always wait on top of my couch and poke his head through the blinds just waiting for me.

    I remember one time i walk 1 Km past a highway to my friends house with Boo Boo (the dog in the picture). Walking through the highway you either take the bridge as a safe way or cross it. I left him outside in the backyard at my mate house and i was upstairs. He ran off, thinking that i left him. I went around my mates neighborhood looking for him, my mate told me forget about him he ran away. Tch as i gotten home he was there. Thank god he went home, probably thought i went home without him. I wonder what he thought we he gotten home without me there. HAHAHA amazing he went through the highway back home. He either crossed the bridge or ran right through the highway.

    Like i said, I like to know his breed. I think he was a mix breed. He was smart and his agility... wow he was fast.
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    Not sure what makes anyone happy about purchasing from a BYBer *shrugs*
    I am glad you got such a great companionship with your dog though.

    He looks to be a whippet cross to me

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    Let me rephrase that. Even though he was from a BYB, I'm happy that i got him. We shared many memories, and even time i think about this dog, or talk about him it makes me upset, because he not beside me anymore.

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    My guess would be Chihuahua x Whippet

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    I'll get pictures on the father. However the mother she was sent to the RSPCA.
    I don't think the father dog was a Whippet...
    It like the whipppet size too, but some similar too it.
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    the thing with cross breed is they are all unique, you could find the same breed/breeds and they will act completely different.

    If I were in your position, I'd go to the shelter, find a dog that looks like your old one, and get to know them before you take them home, this way you can find out their personality first and see whether they are like your old dog, if you get a puppy you'll only be guessing what it's personality will be like.

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    I choose d Boo Boo the first day I saw him and that was when he was a baby. I waited until he was legitimately able to be taken away. I thought he was going to turn out to be taller/bigger but it ended up being no bigger than a Jack Russel. Boo Boo knew me even before I took him home. There optional ways to find his breed as he did have brothers and sisters. I know that his sister is with the breeders relatives. I want to let you know forget about thinking of this dog from a BYB, when i think about it they only breed once in there life. So it be insulting to call them BYBs. Thanks for the suggestion, and yes Boo Boo was a cross and a unique dog. His fur colour was different than his brothers and sisters thats why i choose this dog. But remember i got him as a puppy, meaning...holy crap, now i remember i should have a puppy version of him. Looks like a puff ball.

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    And here the puppy version of him, there only two but still its very important as these are evidence of having him. Actually I'm not sure if it him, but it does look like him in the first picture when i gotten him. Why i say that it might not be Boo Boo, look at the pictures when his grown up. His right arm has a white paw and the grown BOO BOO has a brown paw.
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    I don't know of any breeds that go from long to short coat

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    Those 2 pics look like Pom puppies and you said you have Pomeranians, so I would hazard a guess these are pics of your Poms.

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