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Thread: Bitten by a Dog Today :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldog_Lover View Post
    Very true and I myself have a daughter that thinks every dog is her friend. (As much as I try to teach her otherwise) Its funny that the ones that she goes straight after are the ones personally I would be a bit fearful of. lol
    same here, I am constantly trying to teach my boys that not all dogs are like Bully, yet I have to physically grab hold of them if we see a dog coming or are going near one tied up (i'm more worried about the ones that are tied up) becuase I know them well enough to know what they will do

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    That was one of the first things I taught my kid. Not to pat strange dogs.

    And also not to touch hot stuff. I taught her this one by putting her hand on the over whilst it was on, and holding it really near to the fire. Just one time each and she never went near anything that radiated heat.

    I didn't use a similar approach with the dogs though, allowing her to be bitten LOL, I cant remember what I used but I musta scared the crap out of her coz even now at 11 she wont approach a strange dog. Except she says this about little dogs "It can attack me all it wants because good luck in mauling me" LMAO

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