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Thread: Amstaff Marking Inside the House

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    Dont have a great deal of time right now but just wanted to quickly say that this does not sound like marking to me. It seems a more stress ( yes-dogs get stressed) emotional problem to me.
    And you have one of the most human loving dogs there is so it does not take much to upset thier world if it involves their hoomans lol
    Has his walks and play time etc altered ?
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    Just a quick further bub has just started crawling around have you done anything different in your managment of him?
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    After a thorough cleaning, wipe the area down with lavendar oil. You can buy this at the supermarket, usually in the medicines aisle, right next to the eucalyptus oil.

    The lavendar should prevent him remarking favourite spots, however, you still need to go back to re-training him.

    I agree with whoever spoke abouit restricting access where possible and the umbilical cord method. Take him outaside regularly as if he was a pup and praise him immensely when he urinates in the right spot.
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    When I get home, I unload the car fully before I let the dog in the house. You could try that for starters. You need to be able to watch the dog when you first let him in. Ideally keep him on lead.

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    Please read this story and go to the Foundation page and have a read. I found something particularly interesting to your story.
    From the tab "Lets Talk Dog" under "Signs of Aggression"
    dog urinates intentionally in the house or on your possessions in your presence or in the presence of children or guests and shows other signs of pushy or aggressive behavior

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