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Thread: Electric Dog Fences - Your Thoughts.. Reviews Please!

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    I needed to keep my dog safe in my yard (after witnessing a very close call between Clive the dog and a 4WD). I hunted around and found Bark Control Australia and these guys were amazing.
    They asked about my dog, what breed, what his personality is like and such. They then gave me a few options and explained the pros and cons of each.

    Electric Fences are good, so long as your dog is touching the ground when he is touching the live wire. The Dog Fences though, your dog just has to walk towards the fence and the collar beeps at him. If he keeps going he gets a little zap (actually more controlled than an electric fence). HOWEVER, you need to do the training, or your dog will run through! The guys at Bark Control were great and really helpful. Clive is no longer wandering the streets and I KNOW he is safe in the yard at home. Definitely worth looking into

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    I am not sure what state the OP is in, but to my knowledge, there are illegal uses of electric fencing and strcit guidelines to follow if you are using it to contain dogs. Google "Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act" and look up electric devices to ensure you don't end up with the RSPCA knocking on your door.

    It is also illegal to use shock collars in most states.
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    The invisible fences are actually legal in the majority of states (not the bark ones though), but you have to make sure you use them in-line with state requirements - mine had to be inside an existing fence that was at least 1.5m high from memory.
    The crazy thing is that your normal stock electric fences have a helluva bigger kick than invisible fences... and to my mind, I would rather a little discipline and my dog safely in my yard over him out playing on the road. The near miss with the 4WD was way too close. For me, it comes down to a SAFE dog that now avoids the fenceline is a much better option than an ESCAPING dog that has no road sense

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    It's illegal to put on a dog - a collar designed to impart an electric shock - in most states of Australia. They don't care about what kind of fence you have, it's a blanket rule. If you've got a link that says different - I'd like to see it. I'm fairly sure QLD they're legal and maybe WA. Definitely not legal in SA.

    I agree your normal electic stock fences pack a much bigger wallop - but the stock animal is not wearing a zap collar.

    Personally I think zap collars should be allowed - with a licence which involves making sure the user is trained, and maybe passed a practical test, and the shock collar has a limit on the number of times the button can be pressed in any given time period, or a limit on how long a continous zap can be done. And a limit on the power output.

    I'd much rather rewards based training but sometimes I think an adversive can be appropriate - where a much bigger maybe fatal adversive is a consequence of a dog that ignores a command or boundary.

    I know the invisible fence has saved many dogs from extinction on busy roads.

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    QLD, TAS, WA and VIC. But I didn't read the conditions: Is the use of electronic dog collars legal? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

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