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Thread: Your Dogs Best Trait?

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    The Standard Schnauzers look at you, they look you straight in the eye. Then they fold their ears, flat against the back of the neck, -you wouldn't think they can get that flat-
    then they kink their heads and you just want to knooshel them.
    Or when he comes and greets me he sits and then stomps his front legs with eagerness. But stays put as he was trained to sit and greet. Looks really cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldog_Lover View Post
    I am hoping when Ruby starts her obedience course in a few weeks I will be able to say the same thing
    Enjoy it, I love Obedience and do it with all my dogs.....Keep it fun and positive

    The most amazing thing I have taught Tessa is a Horizontal Ladder. It is about four feet of the ground, 20' long, with proper round rungs. I really had to train her to be hind feet aware. It was a real challenge and she shone through. Mind you I am teaching Annabelle and she is getting there, we keep her low though, because of her size, but it is still the same skill
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    Pets are forever

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