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    You asked for pics of Miley

    You will find some on her facebook profile

    I'd like to see pics of Velcro (Mollie) too

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    OMG... I can't believe you have a FB page for your dog.....
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    She has more friends than me too

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    Miley's a FB superstar

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    I know so many people's who have their dogs on facebook. I might even be guilty of it

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    haha I had a facebook page for the litter... it ended up being great, everyone got to see pics every week as they grew and felt like a part of the team... they have 66 fans... lol...

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    well come one then... I want links!!!!

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    Just changed the name today from the pups page to Zilla's own page... but the pics are all still there... enjoy

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    haha I am sure Miley can get the litter lots of friends

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