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Thread: Fuming Girlfriend's Dog Act

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    Default Fuming Girlfriend's Dog Act

    Fuming girlfriend&squo;s dog act | The Daily Telegraph
    POLICE have arrested a young woman on animal cruelty charges after she allegedly taped her boyfriend's puppy Rex to their fridge following a domestic dispute.

    Abby Toll, a 20-year-old university student from Boulder, Colorado, told police she was upset with her boyfriend for not getting rid of the dog, which had bitten her, reports.

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    Police also arrested her boyfriend, Bryan Beck after being called to attend a domestic disturbance.

    The puppy, an eight-month-old Shiba Inu named Rex, is now under the care of a local humane society.

    The Smoking Gun reports Toll used packing tape to completely encase his body and stick him upside down to the fridge.

    His paws had been bound in elastic hair ties and he yelped in pain as officers worked to free him.

    When the tape was removed, he lay motionless but breathing in his kennel until police transferred him to the animal shelter.

    :I know this looks really bad, but the dog bites. He is aggressive," Toll reportedly said.
    I don't even know what to say...

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    Psycho with a capital CRAZY FREAK ON IT lol. At least it lived, many dont.

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    Thats disgusting .... that woman should be taped upside to the fridge, see how she likes it. No wonder the dog bit her, she sounds like a massive cooooow. Moo.
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    Dogs are a good judge of character! Should've bitten her harder!

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    Maybe there should be a civic award for him judging her so accurately as someone to stay the hell away from!

    He can't have been so very aggressive that she couldn't handle him as much as she did to do that to him!

    Poor little pup. At least he found something better so that wasn't his last impression of human kind.

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    Poor pup, I just dont understand why someone would even think of doing something like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post

    He can't have been so very aggressive that she couldn't handle him as much as she did to do that to him!

    That's what I was thinking too!

    Cruel 'so n so'

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