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Thread: Breeders Rehoming

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    I'd like to ask, where do people expect to get good dogs from if not from breeders who immerse themselves in the dog world and have need to re-home from time to time?

    I think that's the actual part that gets to me.

    It sounds like I should just get myself a couple of OK dogs that pass the health tests and breed them so I can just sell pets to people. And if I sell an OK dog that has passed all it's health tests there is nothing wrong with that person also breeding from that dog.

    All I can hope for is that in 20 years time my eye sight will be gone so I can't see what has happened to my beloved breed.

    You have to breed from the best to maintain the best as even when you breed the best not all pups produced are worthy to be bred on from. These are where our pet puppies come from and they are nicely and securely de-sexed.
    I agree 100%

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    Anne, that implies that there is a right and wrong way to have a discussion, with a set formula to be followed. That would make life easier, but this is like a conversation - people just TALK. It doesn't necessarily follow a set formula.

    I'm not sure why an assumption that everyone here is a breeder is a bad thing. Some people clearly are, and some aren't - ... and? If there was an assumption, and it was wrong - .. so?

    As for post 3 that you quoted above - when I read that, I think I actually smiled and maybe even thanked cavalierqld for her post. People respond to the way they are treated, and new people here are quite often treated unfairly, in my opinion. It's no wonder that they are guarded in their posts. You get attacked, you respond accordingly. Obviously that extends to you also, and that if you feel attacked you respond accordingly. But put yourself in cavalierqld's shoes.

    As for your statement "I have no qualms whatsover to say she has no understanding of what a real breeder is and the Cavalier isn't abreed for amateurs." - honestly, imagine if cavalierqld had said that about anyone on this forum. Not sure how you're qualified to make that assumption based on a few posts on a forum. If she had, she would've been banned or labelled a troll, or both.

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