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Thread: Doog Walkie Belt

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    Default Doog Walkie Belt

    does anyone have a Doog walkie belt?
    are they any good?

    The Cesar Millan Pro Belt

    Walkie Belts

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    I have a black dog one, have had it for years... Its good when I walk to the shops and need my hands free... it's also good when I'm walking more than two dogs and need hands for each of them... but I like to hold the leash in my hand personally... oh but they are great for jogging... I always use it when I take one dog only for a jog...

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    i hate having to have pockets when im walking!
    also want to start running with my pup but need to do it without holding her leash because she thinks its a game and trys to jump all over me

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    So they are a belt you attach the lead to?

    I can think of cheaper ways to get the same result.

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    Could you please post a picture of one as I have never heard of them.

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    if you click on the link you can see what they look like

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    not really a belt you attach the lead to, but you can do that if you want
    it holds a tennis ball, poo bags, ipod, has a pocket to put keys/money/phone/treats it

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    Mine is like a belt, and it has clips on either side to attach your dog too... I originally got it for training when teaching the down.. I found it easier without a lead... and also heeling no tugging on the lead if you dont have one... and yes there are cheaper ways to achieve the same thing... I think I paid about $10 for mine, but that about 15 years ago...

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    Mine broke the first time I attached the dog to it, she pulled (not even very hard) and the seam came apart. They also come with a warning that they are not made to have the dog attached to them.

    If you want something for hands free walks/training/jogging then these are better
    Dog Collars & Dog Leads by Black Dog - Home (ETA Sorry that takes you to the home page, if you click shopping, then human stuff and scroll down their is a hands free training belt)
    Only a tad more expensive but are specifically made for to have your dog attached to them. I have one and have been using it for 3 - 4 months now and it is fantastic, I walk two big dogs (30+kilos) and it has held up perfect. I then just use a treat pouch with pockets to store keys/money in.

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    I usually just hook Ruby's lead in the ring of my shorts, as in where a belt should be. If I am wearing those shorts that is lol

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