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Thread: Peeing when Excited

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    Is Nero the dog in the pic, because the giant breeds do tend to mature a lot more slowly than the smaller breeds... at 2 1/2 he's still a baby... is he outside or inside at the time.. I would spend some time setting him up... ie leave for 5 mins then come back... do it repeatedly until he is able to stay calm, it might take a while... when you do come back you need to complete ignore him until he is sitting calmly, once again could take a while... if you spend a day doing it say today, then again tomorrow you can expect him to revert back to his old days tomorrow but get the picture quicker... and each day the same thing... it's a problem that if you don't work at it probably won't fix itself... good luck

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    Sorry OT - but good to see you posting again Peter! I am not sure you have been around since I've been back.
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    Hi Anne, yeh just been pretty busy havent been around much lately.
    Thanks to the others for your advice will give it a shot. The actual dog in my picture is Nero's father who i sadly found out today passed away about 12 months ago. (caught up with the breeder today)

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