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Thread: What Can I Expect

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    Lik labsrule said, dont believe anything you hear about intact males.

    I generally dont desex my males and I have never had any humping, aggression etc. The only thing would be marking and again, usually only when they need to go toilet or walking and always outside.

    My current entire male is 6 years old and he is a big sook. He wouldnt even know how to show aggression (well to people anyway) and he has only ever humped maybe twice (my mums dog who was also a boy lol). He does get humped often though by our small desexed female dog LOL

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    I fully understand all the negitives to BYB's and I see that some of these are just out for the money only. Not giving a stuff about the pups that are bred or the parent dogs the they used to get them.
    I truely would never be one of those. And when we go and pay for our boy I will ask about his linage and see what can got from there. Though I do know they said the Great granddad to Murphy was from over the river though I just can't remember the name who they said had him. i do know that he paid $800 and got him from Queensland.

    To the issue of desexing or not is well an truely up in the air at this minute. I know his Mum is a great natured girl. She came out of the pen she was in with the pups and just gave me a great welcome. So I knew that her nature was something I wanted in a dog. Murphy has a good chance of having this trait to and if he does I will keep him entire and I have talked about this with the boss and she agree's.
    Yes it will cost us more each year to the council registrations laws. But I don't care. I know at the moment Murphy is still getting aquainted with us and he is getting cheeky in the process. But this is not a reason to desex him. It is just him being him.

    He and the cat are doing better than we thought they would do so this is another go sign that I can add to his list.

    I better put this down to, we had a female Westy Cross and she would always piddle on the same spot as our last Heeler. And she would even go as far to lift her leg as males do. Just thought this was a little weird as she was female doing the male traited thing.
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    The undesexed cattle dog I shared with - never a problem as far as behaviour went. Good with other dogs and with people he'd been politely introduced to and scared strangers without hurting them.

    Not so great with power tools but that had nothing to do with his nuts.

    He did occasionally hump another dog's head - he never figured out where he was supposed to aim.

    Another friend had a gorgeous black lab - totally polite and a wuss with other dogs. Entire. But he took to trying to hump his doggy friends - the other boys - go figure. And the owner eventually had his nuts off and she reported a huge and immediate improvement ie no more humping.

    I agree that if you can hold off desexing till he's 18 months to 2 years old - that would be ideal for his growth. My dog was done at 8 weeks old - not ideal for an agilty dog, but so far we've had no problems - she is quite strong and can turn tight without doing herself a damage.

    I know a few female dogs that cock their legs, and a few male dogs that never do.

    Hopefully the club and your breeder can point you at what you need if you want to find out more about breeding. The way its usually done is you find a registered ANKC breeder with state champion dogs - either show or working line - and you talk them into letting you have a show quality puppy - which you get heath tested and hip scored (which means a trip to the vet and a general anaesthetic etc), and if that's all good, you compete in some shows yourself and win some ribbons and then you find someone who wants to breed their dog with yours and has done all that lead up work too - and between you - you make a waiting list of potential buyers... and you probably keep one puppy for yourself for competition.
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    The keeping of him as an entirer dog is more for the growth of him. And this is what a few of you have said on this thread and to me this is far more important than having him entire to breed or anything.
    When we had a Rottie she was such a great girl but she was desexed real early like they do today.
    I took her and every dog we have owned to dog obedience. And the head fella running the show said that early desexing of either can stop their full potentual growth.
    Believe me I don't know if this is true or not but I tend to listen to him as he has had a far greater knowledge of dogs than I will ever have.
    So back to the point it is more for his growth over and above antthing else.

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    I have always only desexed my cats. We did get my roomies dog desexed before we brought Ruby home, he was about 4yrs. He used to pee on anything and hump everything, Plus was a bit snappy.

    He doesnt pee as much, he doesnt hump and much and he isnt as snappy LMAO

    The relevence of my post is debatable, but wanted to put in my 2 cents hehe

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    I breed and show Whippets, I have 3 entire bitches and 1 entire male. I also have a Borzoi which I show and he is also entire. On top of that I have a de-sexed Gordon Setter, the reason for her being de-sexed was simply that there were better specimens of her breed out there.

    Before I breed a dog or bitch there is several things I look for, the basics being: Do they adhere to the "standard" of their breed? Are they competitive against others of their breed? Do they have a good temperament? If they do not have that then I don't breed from them. They will de-sexed upon completion of maturity and placed out into pet homes if they are still young.

    It doesn't matter to me if I could find good homes for puppies ten times over the only reason I breed a litter is first and foremost because I would like a puppy from that litter, (in the hope that I have chosen our next Australian Champion) and that those puppies that are sold on the main register and left entire will bring something to the breed.

    Out of each litter of puppies (purebred puppies) only so many puppies in the litter are worthy of breeding on from. As the idea is to only breed from the best. The remaining puppies in the litter are what we call pet quality and will carryout the very important roll of beloved family pet.

    Even as an experienced breeder it is very difficult to pick a dog/bitch worthy of breeding from which is why adults cost more, you know what you've got. My stud dog I bought at 5 months old and one of my bitches at 17 months old.

    As to the personality of an entire male. I do believe there is a slight difference in personality, nothing major and differs from breed to breed and dog to dog. However a dog that has had a mating and one that hasn't there can be a bit more of a personality change. He now knows what it's all about.

    If I didn't Show my dogs (I only have a litter about every two - three years) then upon maturity I would get my dogs and/or bitches de-sexed. It is the responsible thing to do.

    In over 20 years of owning entire dogs/bitches I've not lost one to any cancer related to them being left entire, but the minute I lost interest in the show scene they would all be at the vet ready to get the snip again because it is the responsible thing to do.

    Only breed from the best of the best. It took me four years and two dogs later before breeding a dog under my own prefix.

    For my breed which is medium sized and late to maturity with the bitches often not having their first season until past 14 months old I like them to be desexed at 12 months old. Previously to the Whippets I was involved in Australian Kelpies and we recommended males be de-sexed at 10 months of age. I would think that a similar age for an ACD would also be acceptable. The have reached full height and have had a bit of a chance to mature physically.
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