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  • My dog is almost always on the leash. I don't feel comfortable letting him/her off-leash.

    20 32.79%
  • My dog is off-leash sometimes, say in fenced-in areas, otherwise on-leash.

    28 45.90%
  • My dog is almost always off-leash.

    11 18.03%
  • My dog has special training which requires that he/she be off-leash.

    2 3.28%
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Thread: On The Leash Or Off The Leash?

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    I argeeing with myf ere.

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    special training - we're up to ccd classes which are supposed to be off lead, hot weather has meant it's all been cancelled so far, and just started agility - still on lead for that one - must do an update.

    But otherwise - none of the above.

    Off lead in open spaces away from roads (not fenced in), eg beaches and footy ovals and parklands. Farm dogs need to run and I can't run fast enough or far enough to work her properly. She will come away from anything now, especially if I run and hide. Which looks really strange at first to other people.

    On lead on footpaths or visiting people's houses or anywhere too dangerous for off lead. Sometimes on lead when there are small children, model airplanes, kites, or bbq picnic litter fests in the area. All these things are much more dangerous to my dog than she is to them and it's not worth the risk.

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    I don't think my situation applies to this poll as mine are only off farm, tied on utes then off again on the other farm or on leashes when going to the vet, but I will reply anyway.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Ziggy is on-leash when I'm walking her, although she goes off-leash at the parks in my area and beach. Her recall is ok, can definitely be improved though. None of these parks are signed on way or the other, and the council website has no information either. There are hardly ever other dogs or even people in the parks anyway.

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    It surely depends on the dog.

    Some dogs should NEVER be off leash. Those that are dog-aggressive, gundogs who will chase anything, terriers that will chase any movement - lizards, cats, etc etc.

    Some dogs are fine off a lead - biddable, trained dogs who know exactly what is expected of them and will obey commands and keep out of trouble.

    One size doesn't fit all and owners should be acutely aware of exactly what their dog will do in any situation.

    My cattledog was great off the lead in any situation. My terrier will never be off lead in any public place except when we go to the beach at low tide. He has a great run and a great time and is not tempted by smells of cats, other small animals, lizards etc.

    But in a public park - never, ever. He has a good time on a 5m retractable lead.

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