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  • My dog is almost always on the leash. I don't feel comfortable letting him/her off-leash.

    20 32.79%
  • My dog is off-leash sometimes, say in fenced-in areas, otherwise on-leash.

    28 45.90%
  • My dog is almost always off-leash.

    11 18.03%
  • My dog has special training which requires that he/she be off-leash.

    2 3.28%
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Thread: On The Leash Or Off The Leash?

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    It depended on the situation but I quite often walked my dog without a leash. Obviously if there was any danger, like around other dogs or a lot of people, I'd have her on the leash.

    But to just take her for a walk around the streets or taking her to school to pick my daughter up she would just walk along with me or sometimes a little infront of me but she always knew where she was going.

    Even so, I still always had her leash with me with a little poo bag holder on it just incase.

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    this is a problem with many people... it really really pisses me off. first off, there's this local park i can't go to anymore because some stupid couple have a dangerous dog as i've heard stories about it... apparently it has killed dogs in fights. it's about husky size. anyway, the park is where many people like to let their dog run around and play with other FRIENDLY dogs. yet, this stupid couple keeps walking their dog there on a leash but still knowing that other dogs are always at the park running around free. my dog was almost about to run up to their dog and the couple was a bit rude shooing my dog away and telling me to get him away from them. wtf? if my dog was a killer dangerous dog why the hell would i bring him to a park full of dogs running around. morons.

    second, when i take my dog to the beach for walks... like the other day, i was very angry. almost home, i come across this guy and his dog running around with no leash and he goes and throws his ball to his dog and the dog comes up to mine (my dog dont like being on a leash when dogs come up to him, he gets excited and kind of snaps bak - he's not dangerous but he just doesnt like it.. he feels helpless on a leash) so this guys dog and my dog start having a bit of nips and snaps cause he wouldnt grab hold of it. i had to pull my dog away and run off.

    then, 2 minutes later, GRRR, this other frickin dog comes out of nowhere, jumps someones front fence (this is actually across the road from my house) and this little girl (14 years old or so) couldnt do much about it, he was a big dog... so then my dog and him are having little snaps at each other and i felt like screaming and swearing at this girl. i had to carry my dog, wet and full of sand from the beach cause this stupid mutt jumping all over my dog. i was so pissed off that day. but yeah, i hate when people let their dog run about.

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    my dogs are allways on the lead unless we are out bush far far away from any people or dogs etc
    its to risky with such a large dog if someone gets scared of him and reports that then i get fined like i already have because so one was scared of his size
    not only that i have had prevous dogs attacked by others etc
    to risky for me
    and isnt it the law now that all dogs must be on a lead unless in an offleash dog park or beach etc?

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    My Dogs are always on a leash because they are greyhounds. My only concerned i have is when there are dogs loose in public parks my greyhounds get very excited and nearly pull my arm off. cheers Dougie

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    Generally anywhere in Australia your dog has to be on a leash in public except some dog free beaches or dog free areas at parks. My Baby runs wild though as I am on acerage at the moment and I hate the thought of putting her on a leash but she loves it as she know she is going for a walk. Gees I just put on my shoes and she jumps around - she even kneels down so I can put on the leash. She loves the leash more than being on the beach or the park. I would walk without the leash but unfortunately she is not road savvy so I worry about that.

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    Because i have a large dog i keep him on lead at all times when in public, he freaks people out. He is obedience trained, but i cannot control all outside factors and an accident could have horrid outcomes

    I don't go to off lead parks due to owners who believe its ok to have their uncontrollable mutt run upto mine. It is NEVER ok to permit your dog to run upto a strange dog, wether it be onlead or off. My guy is under my control at all times, i expect other people to show the same curtesy. Offleads parks are for exercising your dog, there is no law that says as soon as you walk in there you MUST be off lead!

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    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    I follow the LAWS

    Dogs are always on lead unless in an off lead area (depending on what area and what dog) or on private property.

    I hate people who think they are above the law, I have a dog aggressive dog and am so sick of off lead dogs running over to her.
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    If I could trust my dog not to run at other dogs to play off leash, I would much prefer to keep her off. However right now when we're walking or are in a location where I know she can encounter other dogs, I keep her on a leash. She gets to run around off leash in places where we don't run into dogs, on playdates with other dogs, or at the dog beach.

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    I really wish I could let rocky walk free all the time however he has very strong hunting instincts and if he see's a bird on the road he'll wanna go for it! Also being a big strong scary looking dog (apparently? i think he's adorable ) I dont think people would appreciate him approaching them for a pat... for a breed thats supposed to be aloof with strangers he's very friendly... a little too friendly sometimes.

    But dog parks/beaches his off the lead until his naughty or home time. When there arent any other dogs at the park I just walk around and he stays right by me anyway but as soon as theres a distraction his off haha

    bascially after my life story there, i voted sometimes off the leash

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